10 Similar Games To Play Like SnowRunner

Fans of hard-core, simulation-based off-road racing games like SnowRunner are in luck because there are a lot of games like it to play.

SnowRunner is a very hard and complicated game that is similar to off-road racing. Your main goal is to guide big trucks and other vehicles through dangerous snowy areas. SnowRunner doesn’t have standard races. Instead, it puts you in charge of big trucks that you have to drive carefully through snowy and forest-filled areas.

There are, luckily, a lot of other similar vehicle games that push the limits of driving, finishing challenges, and just trying to stay alive in Mother Nature’s harsh conditions. Whether you like racing games or games where you simulate driving a car, there are a lot of other games like these to try. If you like SnowRunner, here are some of the best games you can play right away.

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2

monster-jam-steel-titans-2-zombie-truck-1.jpg (740×370)

Monster Jam games are often ignored because they are usually thought of as games for kids and young teens, but Steel Titans 2 has a wide range of fans. There are 12 stadiums to fight in with different levels of difficulty, as well as open-world maps that let you move through wastelands, parks, and even haunted grounds.

You can choose from almost 40 trucks, all of which are based on real Monster Trucks and have their own advantages and uses for training and tournaments. Since Steel Titans 2 is made for a larger audience than other games in the same genre, it is a less stressful and more innocent fun game for relaxed play.

Junkyard Truck

junkyard-truck-1.jpg (740×370)

Junkyard Truck will satisfy your inner tech and your need for speed on all kinds of terrain. As you win races, you’ll get more money and materials to build your truck into something that can’t be stopped. There are other ways to make money, like making moonshine or gaming, but you can stick to picking up trash and driving for parts.

As you win tasks and get more experience, starting with a truck shell and building it up will give you a greater sense of pride. You can also ride around the open-world map and enjoy your old banger in the dirt and hills if you want something less stressful.

Truck And Logistics Simulator

truck-and-logistics-simulator-mountain-1.jpg (740×370)

If your favorite part of SnowRunner is the high-stakes navigation from point A to point B, Truck and Logistics Simulator is likely to meet this part of your gaming needs. You can choose from more than 20 different types of delivery vehicles and drive them through an open-world map with lots of different goods.

You are in charge of filling your truck and getting it to its destination on time. Even if you have to drive through heavy city traffic or roads in the mountains. Truck and Logistics Simulator lets you play with up to 23 other people on the same map. If you want to make the game more involved and fun.

Off Road Jeep 4X4

off-road-jeep-4x4-1.jpg (740×370)

Off Road Jeep 4X4 is a must-play if your best SnowRunner expansion pack is the Jeep add-ons. Snow Rider 3D is all about Jeeps and what they can do. You choose your Jeep and drive it through different obstacles on roads or in the mountains. Even though it sounds simple and maybe even a little repetitive, you can make changes to your Jeep and fix it when it gets damaged while you’re off-roading.

Off Road Jeep 4X4 isn’t fast-paced or high-stakes like other driving simulators. Instead, it gives you full control over where you drive and for how long. This is a great way to relax after a long day or if you don’t want to take on big tasks when you play.


mudrunner-truck-driving-through-mud-and-water-in-forest.png (740×370)

MudRunner is a lot like SnowRunner in that you have to drive big trucks and vehicles through rough places while carrying goods or other vehicles. This game is all about driving through rough terrain and finishing different tasks. Fans of simulation-based off-road games will like this one a lot. Especially since you are thrown right into the action with just a compass and map.

People might jump into a game like MudRunner thinking it’s just another off-road driving game. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. The open play areas of the game are full of secrets to find and new ways to get around. The game can also be played with other people, which makes it even better all around.

Off The Road Unleashed

off-the-road-unleashed-cars-racing-in-beach-area.jpg (740×370)

Off the Road Unleashed is an indie off-road driving game that not many people know about. This game for the Nintendo Switch lets you drive a variety of all-terrain cars in one of five different areas. There are events and tasks to do, collectibles to find, and hidden vehicles to find in each of these areas. Off the Road Unleashed is basically a paradise you can explore off-road that just wants you to have fun no matter what you are doing.

Off the Road Unleashed is different from games like MudRunner and SnowRunner. Because you can actually fly planes and helicopters, drive boats, and even parachute around the different places. This game gives you the most freedom to play how you want. Also, the game does a great job of mixing arcade-style gameplay with tasks based on simulation. If you have a Switch and haven’t played Off-Road Unleashed yet, you should do so as soon as possible.

Farming Simulator 22

Farming-Simulator-22-Plow.jpg (740×370)

You can play Farming Simulator 22 or any of the other Farming Simulator games for something totally different. Farming Simulator 22 adds to the agrarian sandbox gameplay by giving you more crops, cars, farm tools, and just more farming simulation goodness for those who like that kind of game.

There are so many things to do in this game that it’s hard to believe. You can take care of your crops, hire AI farm workers, take care of a variety of animals, sell crops and buy land, or just run around villages and towns and stand in front of NPCs to see what they do. No matter how you play Farming Simulator 22, you’ll always find something new. Just be prepared for a steep learning curve, which is typical of simulation games in general.

Lawn Mowing Simulator

Test-Drive-Lawn-Mowing-Simulator.jpg (740×370)

Okay, a game called Lawn Mowing Simulator might seem like an April Fool’s Day joke. But it’s real, and, spoiler alert, it’s a lot of fun. Given that Lawn Mower Simulator is in a niche genre. It’s possible that only a small number of people will like it. Still, there is a lot to look into for those who are interested. You can play a full-fledged job mode where you build a lawn-mowing business from the ground up, getting clients, buying and upgrading mowers, and growing your business as a whole.

On the other hand, if you just want to mow your yard without getting grass stains on your clothes. You can go to any of the many places and mow as much as you want. Lawn Mowing Simulator might be a very specific and hard to understand game. But it has a lot to offer those who want to try something different.

Dirt Rally 2.0

Dirt-Rally-20-Car.jpg (740×370)

Dirt Rally 2.0 is the game for you if you like all-terrain and off-road games. Any of the Dirt games could fit on this list, but Dirt Rally 2.0 is the best example of the difficult simulation-based off-road racing gameplay that SnowRunner fans might like. This rally driving game takes you to a lot of real-world rally sites and lets you drive some very famous cars.

Like its predecessor, Dirt Rally 2.0 is not an easy game to get into. Especially for people who have never played a rally driving game before. You need to pay attention to your car, your co-pilot, and the track in front of you. Those who take the time to learn how to handle and drive the car well will have a lot to chew on for a long time.

Forza Horizon 4

Forza-Horizon-4-Broadway.jpg (740×370)

Forza Horizon 4 is the game to get if you want a lot of racing tasks. The thrill of speeding through beautiful landscapes, and the ability to change every part of your car. Any of the great Forza Horizon games could be on this list, but the fourth game in the series is the one that combines off-road driving with landscapes in all four seasons. This is because the game is set in the United Kingdom.

Forza Horizon 4 is a very arcade-like racing game that focuses more on being easy to play than on being hard. But you can still change the game’s racing and skill settings to make it harder if you want to. This game is so much fun. Because it has a lot of tasks and events all over a beautiful world that you can explore.

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