5 Unknown Facts About Demise In The Legend of Zelda

The oldest bad guy in Zelda is hiding more than a few scary things.

Gamers usually think of Ganon (or Ganondorf) as the main bad guy in The Legend of Zelda. After all, he has been Link’s main enemy since the first game. Some people, however, don’t know that Hyrule has an older, more dangerous enemy.

In The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, there is a bad guy named Demise, or “Bringer of Demise” in Japanese. Even though at first view he looks like Ganondorf, this figure is very different from his successor in a lot of ways. These parts give the story of the series a lot more meaning, since his roots are tied to the world itself. Because of this, Zelda fans are both excited and scared for his return.

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