This is a choice people never had before WhatsApp came on the scene. Instead of a simply worded message, graphic digital invitations or e invite cards have become popular over time but most designers cannot ensure the classic elegance of a traditional printed wedding invitation simply because they are not wedding card designers.

If you explore the internet, you may land up finding scores of websites offering self-help templates for invitations either free or even at a nominal charge. However, you may have difficulty finding something suitable to your taste and replacing your printed wedding card invitation. Even if you are ready to compromise or are lucky to find something suitable, it may take time, effort and some help to word the invitations properly because such DIY websites give limited options for Indian invitation wordings.

Fortunately, some traditional wedding card manufacturers have created websites where they offer digital invitations along with their printed offerings. Somehow, most of them have not been able to do justice to their digital designs because in the world of wedding invitations digital cards get treated casually unlike their printed cards.

We at The Wedding Card Co. understand the changing world and your changing needs. That’s why have created an amazing range of digital invitations for you by adapting our entire range of beautiful designs for WhatsApp messaging so that you could get both convenience of digital and the elegance of print. What you can get in print, You can get in digital. That’s our simple philosophy when it comes to our wedding invitations designs for you.

At an affordable cost, you can get a complete invitation set in a PDF format, including a cover page substituting an envelope, which looks very similar to printed invitations that you may have wanted to send to your guests. You can order separate pages for all your functions which we send you as a set to be sent out to your guests who are invited to all. In addition, we also send you the digital cards separately in case you plan to limit some guests to some functions only.

In addition to all other advantages, we can make your cards smart which makes it convenient for your guests to locate your venues. At a nominal extra charge, you can ask for Google Map Links to your venue locations embedded in your invitations. Instead of struggling for directions, your guests can simply click on the link for Google Maps to open up where they can see the directions to your venues.

The best part is that in case you plan to order printed cards, you can top up your order with a matching ecard at a very nominal cost which you can use to invite guests and also use as a reminder closer to the date.

For us, a digital invitation is as important as a printed invitation and we respect your personal preference for it. Whether you choose digital, printed or an wedding invitation video, beginning from the designs, our engagement with you remains similar.