Important Considerations When Buying Shapewear

If you are looking to accentuate your curves then shapewear will definitively be a great way to do so. But there are some things that you’ll have to consider before you buy them. Shapewear has definitively become very popular over the past few years, and it is a type of undergarment that has been designed to help eliminate unwanted bulges or lumps of fat. They will basically suck it all in, making the person who wears them appear slimmer and curvier.

By the way, it is actually a myth that only girls that are on the curvier side should wear shapewear, actually the skinniest girls can wear them to enhance their own curves, especially if they are wearing clothing pieces that are more body fitted. Also, not one piece will solve all individual needs and purposes, that’s the reason why the market is filled with many different brands, sizes, shapes, types, and colors. And because of this, it is really important that the person wanting to get one is fully aware of the factors that will help them get the best one for their body type, especially if you are looking for a waist trainer for plus size women.

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These are some of the things that you have to have in mind before shopping for shapewear.

Please, don’t buy a smaller size purposely. A smaller size won’t actually make you look slimmer, because that is not the way that shapewear works at all. Actually, a smaller size will actually create more bulges and curls, not to mention, it can become really uncomfortable. In order to find the right size, we recommend you go to a retail store and try as many garments as you possibly can. And then chose the one that will allow your hand to pass through.

Then, it is important to choose the right fabric. When it comes to a body shaper, you can obviously not find a flowy one, as you would do with summer’s easy and soft ensembles, but you can always choose one that is made out of breathable fabric. In general, they are made out of fabrics that are synthetic, like nylon or spandex, making them the right fit for winter, but sadly they can be very suffocating during summertime, especially if you don’t have air conditioning.

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For summertime, the best choice is to get shapewear made out of cotton and avoid the ones that are black during the daytime, as it will absorb the heat and make you feel hot.

Something else to have in mind is that, if possible, you should buy your first piece at a store. And just like when you buy bras, the shape can be quite tricky to buy. There are many factors to have in mind, like the fabric, shape, or color, but also what body part needs more attention, and this can only be determined by trying the shapewear on your own body. As a great and easy experience, it can be buying online, buying shapewear online can have some limitations, so it can be good to explore brands, their sizes, and also their fittings in a physical store.

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Another important thing to have in mind is to determine your shaping needs. Humans have different body shapes and types. For example, there are people that have a heavier lower body, others have fuller arms and thin bodies, and this century we have evolved to celebrate all body types, and it shouldn’t be considered bad if we embrace someone’s wishes to enhance their bodies by wearing shapewear and transforming the problematic areas to desired ones. Have in mind that shapewear that has medium constriction will be great for smoothening, while a stronger one can transform your figure completely.

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And finally, color. It isn’t unusual that we love wearing undergarments that are black, and actually the same goes for shapewear. It is ok to have them in darker colors, like black, but this color should be avoided during warmer seasons like summer. There are dresses that are more see-through, made out of chiffon or even crochet, and these types will need a different color other than black, for example some that will match the fabric or even ones with the same or most similar color to your skin.

If you have all of the fact mentioned above in mind before you buy shapewear, you’ll most likely purchasing the right one for your needs and goals.
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