Unraveling the Mysteries of DNA: A Glimpse into DNA Lab Pakistan and DoctorFindy


DNA Lab Pakistan: In the fast-paced world of healthcare and scientific advancements, the intersection of technology and genetics has opened up new frontiers. One such groundbreaking collaboration is the partnership between DNA Lab Pakistan and DoctorFindy, creating a dynamic platform that offers comprehensive genetic testing services and connects individuals with healthcare professionals. In this article, we will explore the role of DNA Lab Pakistan and the innovative service provider platform, DoctorFindy, in revolutionizing genetic healthcare.

DNA Lab Pakistan: Pioneering Genetic Testing Excellence

DNA Lab Pakistan stands at the forefront of genetic testing, bringing cutting-edge technology and expertise to the region. With state-of-the-art facilities and a team of highly skilled professionals, DNA Lab Pakistan is committed to providing accurate and reliable genetic testing services to individuals seeking insights into their genetic makeup.

Services Offered by DNA Lab Pakistan:

  1. Ancestry Testing: DNA Lab Pakistan offers ancestry testing, allowing individuals to trace their genetic roots and discover their heritage. This service provides a fascinating journey into one’s familial past, uncovering connections to diverse populations around the world.
  2. Health Risk Assessments: The lab conducts comprehensive health risk assessments, empowering individuals with valuable information about their predisposition to certain medical conditions. This proactive approach enables users to make informed decisions about their lifestyle and healthcare choices.
  3. Genetic Counseling: DNA Lab Pakistan recognizes the significance of emotional support and guidance throughout the genetic testing process. Their genetic counseling services help individuals understand their results, addressing concerns and offering personalized advice based on genetic insights.

All Lab Tests

DNA Paternity Test (Trio)

  • known as : 1 Alleged Father + 1 Mother +1 Child
  • Rs.64,000

DNA Maternity Test (Trio)

  • known as : 1 Alleged Father + 1 Mother +1 Child
  • Rs.64,000

DNA Sibling Test

  • known as: 2 Siblings
  • Rs.56,000

DNA Sibling Test with 1 known Parent

  • known as: 2 Siblings +1 Known Parent
  • Rs.72,000

DNA Sibling Test with Respective Mothers

  • known as: 2 Siblings+ Respective Mothers
  • Rs.88,000

Grand Parent DNA Test

  • known as: 1 Alleged Grandfather + 1 Mother +1Grandchild
  • Rs.88,000

DNA Aunt/Uncle DNA Test

  • known as: Alleged Aunt/Uncle + Child
  • Rs.56,000

DNA Aunt/Uncle DNA Test w Mother

  • known as: Alleged Aunt/Uncle + Child
  • Rs.72,000

DoctorFindy: Bridging the Gap Between Genetic Data and Healthcare Professionals

Enter DoctorFindy, an innovative service provider platform that seamlessly connects individuals with qualified healthcare professionals. This platform acts as a bridge between the genetic data obtained from DNA Lab Pakistan and the expertise of healthcare professionals, ensuring a holistic approach to genetic health.

Key Features of DoctorFindy:

  1. Expert Matching: DoctorFindy employs advanced algorithms to match individuals with healthcare professionals based on their genetic data and specific health needs. This personalized approach ensures that users receive guidance from professionals with expertise in their relevant areas of concern.
  2. Secure Data Integration: DoctorFindy prioritizes data security and confidentiality. The platform integrates seamlessly with DNA Lab Pakistan to securely transfer genetic data, maintaining the highest standards of privacy and compliance with healthcare regulations.
  3. Comprehensive Health Plans: Through DoctorFindy, users can access personalized health plans based on their genetic predispositions. This proactive approach to healthcare allows individuals to work closely with their chosen professionals to develop strategies for preventive care and optimal well-being.


The collaboration between DNA Lab Pakistan and DoctorFindy represents a leap forward in genetic healthcare. By combining state-of-the-art genetic testing services with a user-friendly platform connecting individuals to healthcare professionals, this partnership is empowering people to take control of their health in unprecedented ways. As we look to the future, the synergy between science and technology is poised to unlock even greater possibilities in the realm of genetic well-being.

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