4 Factors to Consider When Understanding the Cost of Auto Transport

Cost of Auto Transport

Many things can affect the cost of auto transport. You control some of them, but others are out of your hands. One of the most significant factors is fuel costs. The price of diesel or gas is constantly fluctuating, and it does have an impact on the cost of transporting your vehicle.


One of the most important factors to consider when shipping a vehicle is the distance it needs to travel. The farther the distance, the more expensive it will be to ship the car. The type of San Diego auto transport service you choose also impacts auto shipping costs. Open transport is typically cheaper than enclosed transport, as the latter provides more protection for your car during transit. Seasonality also plays a role in car shipping prices. When demand is highest, usually during the summer, shipping your car can be more expensive because of increased competition. Using an online marketplace, where shippers compete for your business, can help keep your auto transport costs down. If you can schedule your transport during the fall and spring, when demand is lower, you can save money on shipping your car. Also, arranging pickup and delivery locations along significant highways can reduce transport costs.


The type of carrier you use will affect the cost of your transport. For example, enclosed auto transport is usually more expensive than open transport for the same route. The type of car you are shipping will also influence the price. In general, large vehicles tend to be more costly than small ones. Your pickup and drop-off method can also impact your shipment’s cost. You can choose to have your vehicle picked up and delivered to your door or opt for terminal-to-terminal service instead. Choosing the option that best fits your schedule and convenience is essential. The season in which you are shipping your vehicle will also impact the price. Demand for auto transport services typically rises in January and summer, so that rates may be higher at those times. Additionally, fuel prices can increase the overall cost of shipping. Researching and comparing quotes from several providers before selecting one is essential to ensure you get the best possible rate.


Whether you’re moving to a new state, going on vacation, buying a car from another city or country, or need to get your vehicle from A to B quickly and safely, auto transport is an excellent option. But what will it cost you? Your shipping costs don’t have to be sky-high. With some planning and flexibility, you can ship your car for less. The most significant factor is the distance between your pickup and delivery locations, with longer routes tending to be more expensive overall but cheaper per mile. The vehicle size also affects the price, as larger cars can take up more space on a carrier and limit their capacity. The type of company you choose can also impact the prices. Brokers connect you with carriers, the companies that physically haul your car. While brokers don’t offer insurance, many offer supplemental coverage options like gap protection and cash toward your deductible for an additional fee.

Pickup and Delivery

The cost of shipping your vehicle varies by destination and the time of year. The busiest times for auto transport companies are summer and January, when people move to new homes and take their cars with them.

Most auto transport companies offer door-to-door pickup and delivery services. This means the carrier will come to your home to load your car, then drop it off at your destination. This is convenient and saves you the time and expense of driving it yourself. Many auto transport companies allow shipping multiple vehicles simultaneously, saving you significant money on your shipping costs. Ask about this when you book your shipment.

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