4 Genuine Signs When You Need to Replace Your Commercial Roof

Homeowners who do not want to spend much money and time to repair a roof often wait until an issue arises before taking action to resolve it. Well, as a business owner,  you know that you are very busy each day, roof repair including every day.

Your commercial roof is more than just a barrier against the elements. It’s a crucial component of your employees’ safety. A malfunctioning can pose significant risks, potentially leading to property damage and injuries.

Understanding the signs of damage is key to knowing when it’s time for a replacement. By recognizing signs early, you can take the necessary steps to prevent further damage and ensure the safety of your property and employees.

1.      When You Notice Leaks in Roof

Leaks are an old enemy of every homeowner or business owner who owns both a residential and a commercial roof. On the other hand, they can’t be seen in commercial buildings, particularly from the bottom of their roofs, which are pretty hard to spot.

If you start detecting a musty or damp smell, this is definitely a clue that you must immediately get a professional roofing contractor to inspect your roof for water damage. Remember, you’re not alone in this. Some experts can help you identify and resolve these issues, ensuring the safety and integrity of your commercial roof.

2.      When There’s a Membrane Damage

The rooftops that you are most likely to see in commercial buildings are flat roofs. Flat are made from various types of roofing membranes that can cause different problems when they experience damage. The frequency of your inspection should coincide with the shingles inspection. Hence, the same frequency throughout the year is recommended.

While inspecting your roof, try to check for areas without covering or lifting the sheet. These will be indicators of a problematic sealant, so you have to inspect it as soon as possible and find a way to fix it.

Open laps can also happen, which may result in adhesive failure and the material is no longer agreed on what holds the structure together. So, it’s right to invest in business flat roof replacement to prevent any major loss or injuries. But, if your roof was recently installed and you see this sign, it probably shows that your  was not fixed well.

3.      When Your Roof Experiences Bubbling & Blistering

Some roofing membranes may experience bubbling and blistering on the roof surface. These signs are generally observed when the moisture gets trapped under the roofing and has nowhere to go.

Similarly, when the water finds its way into your roof, it will start causing damage through water courses. Just like opening a lap, the bubbling and blistering of new roofs also happens if they are not put in place properly.

Signs include persistent leaks despite repairs, extensive damage from storms or aging. Visible sagging or structural issues, and excessive energy bills due to poor insulation. Addressing these signs promptly ensures optimal protection and longevity for your commercial property.

4.      When You Notice Sagging Areas

A depressed spot on a flat commercial roof is a very bad indicator as it often means serious damage. Roof sagging happens mainly in two situations, which include the new roofs installed on top of the old ones or the presence of excessive moisture.

This will be the most noticeable sign of the damage done and will happen for structures that are flattened with an unstable base. Failure to heed might result in a roof caving which in turn poses a danger to yourself and everyone around. A sagging, flat roof is a severe problem that we should not delay to fix.


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